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Editing PDF Files

Things on this page are fragmentary and immature notes/thoughts of the author. Please read with your own judgement!

Type Name Comments
Web Tools DocuSign - Free for occassional use
- No credit card required
- Support checkmarks and signatures
Free PDF Convert - Great for convert PDF files …

My Docker Images

Most of my Docker images have different variants (corresponding to tags latest, next, etc) for different use cases. And each tag might have histocial versions with the pattern mmddhh (mm, dd and hh stand for the month, day and hour) for fallback if a tag …

Make Traffic Follow Through Proxies Using ProxyChains



wajig install proxychains4


brew install proxychains-ng

Notice that the proxychains-ng installed using Homebrew on Mac does not work well right now (as of 2019-03-07). An alternative way is to use proxychains via Docker on Mac. The Docker image dclong/jupyterhub-ds has proxychains (NOT proxychains-ng) installed.


proxychains4 …

Operate Remote Servers Using SSH

General Tips and Traps

  1. The permissions of the directory ~/.ssh and its subcontents on both the local machine and the remote server must be properly set in order for SSH login via public key to work. A good pratice is to set the permission of ~/.ssh to 700 (on both …

Manage Docker Images and Containers

  1. It is suggested that you use osquery or dockeree to query Docker images, containers, etc.

Remove Containers

Note that running containers will NOT be removed by default. This is what users want generally speaking. You can use the option -f to force removing running containers, but use it with caution …