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Working with Spreadsheet in Python

It is suggested that you avoid using Excel files (or other spreadsheet tools) for storing data. Parquet file is currently the best format for storing table-like data. If you do want to interact and manipulate your data using Excel (or other spreadsheet tools), dump your data into CSV files and …

My Docker Images


  1. Most of my Docker images has 3 main tags latest, next and debian. The latest tag corresponds to the most recent stable version of the Docker image while the next tag corresponds to the most recent testing version of the Docker images. Docker images with the latest or next …

Install Rust Globally in Linux

There are 3 ways to install a global standalone version of Rust in Linux. The recommended way is to use rustup with customized environment variables.

Using a Package Management Tool

Some Linux distributions provide packages for Rust. Taking Debian/Ubuntu based Linux distributions as an example, you can install a …