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Working Remotely in Linux

From Linux to Linux:

  • Command Line Mode: ssh

    • Using X forwarding, you can also run GUI applications on the server. This is not recommended unless it's short quick work.
  • Remote File System: sshfs

    • You'd better use a mount point which you have full access to, otherwise, you have use the …

Install Python in macOS

There are a few ways to install Python in Mac.

  1. Install system-wide via the official Python installation package.

  2. Install a Anaconda Python distribution locally.

  3. Install locally using Homebrew (recommended).

A few comments about different ways of installation.

  1. Avoid installing multiple versions of Python in your system. It usually brings more …

My Docker Images

Most of my Docker images have different variants (corresponding to tags latest, next, alpine, etc) for different use cases. And each tag might have histocial versions with the pattern mmddhh (mm, dd and hh stand for the month, day and hour) for fallback if a …

GitHub API

Shell Command - gh

gh is GitHub's official command-line tool. Persoanlly, I'm not a fan of gh mainly because I'm not a fan of writing complicated (>10 lines) shell scripts.

Python Bindings - ghapi

  1. ghapi provides 100% always-updated coverage of the entire GitHub REST API by automatically converting the OpenAPI spec to a Pythonic API. ghapi is always up to date with the latest changes to GitHub APIs.