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Android Emulators

Name Free OS Hyper-v Compat on Win ARM-only App Support Development
GenyMotion [1] No Windows, macOS, Linux Partial Limited Active
BlueStacks [2] Yes Windows, macOS No Yes Active
LDPlayer [3] Yes Windows No Yes Active
AnBox [4] Yes Linux NA Limited Inactive
MuMu App Player [5] Yes Windows, macOS No Yes Active
腾讯手游助手 [6] Yes Windows, macOS No Yes Active
Android-x86 + VirtualBox [7] Yes Windows, macOS, Linux Yes Limited Active
Android SDK + Android Studio [8] Yes Windows, macOS, Linux ? Yes Active
xDroid [9] Partially Linux NA Limited Active
Waydroid [9] Yes Linux NA Yes Active
docker-android [10] Yes Windows, macOS, Linux Yes Limited Active

[1] GenyMotion is a great cross-platform choice. However, a licence must be purchased to use GenyMotion. The desktop version of GenyMotion can be downloaded at .

[2] BlueStacks is a good free Android emulator for Windows and Mac.

[3] LDPlayer (also called 雷电模拟器 in Chinese) is a good free Android emulator for Windows only.

[4] AnBox is an open-source WINE-like Android emulator for Linux only (CANNOT be run on macOS). ARM apps can be run on x86-based Linux OS with Android 11+ images. For more details, please refer to Run ARM apps on the Android Emulator .

[5] MuMu App Player is an Android emulator develop by the Chinese company Wangyi for Windows and macOS. An English version is also availabe at Tribal Pioneer works on MuMu App Player on macOS!!!

[7] Android X86 is a project to port Android Open Source Project to x86 platform. It works across operating systems (Windows, macOS and Linux). Android X86 supports provides ISO and RPM files rather than an out-of-the-box application. You have to install an ISO or RPM file to you device which will add an Android operating system to your device. You can of course install it into a virutal environemnt (e.g., using VirtualBox) which is essentially what other out-of-the-box applications does.

[8] Android SDK and Android Studio works together to emulate software found on Android using the resources of your PC. Android developers mostly use Android SDK tools for testing and development purposes, but it'll work for casual use and play as well.

[9] xDroid is an Android emulator (seems to be a commerical software based on AnBox) for Linux only. The x86_64 version is free for personal use.

[10] Docker-Android is a docker image built to be used for everything related to mobile website testing and Android project.