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Tips on the find command in Linux

It is suggested that you use Python (the pathlib module), ripgrep, fselect or osquery (currently have some bugs) instead of find to locate files.

  • The Python module pathlib is the most suitable one for relatively complex jobs.
  • ripgrep is a more user-friendly alternative to find.
  • Both fselect and osquery support …

Operate Remote Servers Using SSH

General Tips and Traps

  1. The permissions of the directory ~/.ssh and its subcontents on both the local machine and the remote server must be properly set in order for SSH login via public key to work. A good pratice is to set the permission of ~/.ssh to 700 (on both …

Install Rust Globally in Linux

There are 3 ways to install a global standalone version of Rust in Linux. The recommended way is to use rustup with customized environment variables.

Using a Package Management Tool

Some Linux distributions provide packages for Rust. Taking Debian/Ubuntu based Linux distributions as an example, you can install a …

Take Screenshot on Linux


Ksnip is a Qt-based cross-platform screenshot tool that provides many annotation features for your screenshots. It is one of the best screenshot applications.

Installation Using snap

sudo snap install ksnip


Flameshot is a simple cross-platform screenshot software.


Shutter is a good screenshot application for Linux (only).

Map Keys in Linux

Note: For Vim users, it is appealing to make the Caps Lock function like Escape. It is suggested that you make Caps Lock an additonal Escape rather than swap them. This avoid inconsistent key mapping issues when you work remotely via VNC, NoMachine, etc.

Desktop Environment

Some desktop environment (e …