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Culture of My Summer Intern Team

I work as a student intern in the Credit Portfolio Risk Analysis group in a bank this summer. One Friday afternoon, Jimmy, the manager of my manager, asked me to his office and talked about our team cultures.

  1. Ownership
    Whenever you have a project, you are the ownner. Be proud of it, do your best, and make a difference.

  2. Teamwork
    The bank wants a strong team rather than strong individuals.

  3. Custom Service
    Custom service is the most important thing for the team. We need to build good relationships with customs and earn their trust.

  4. Knowledge Sharing
    Be willing to share your knowledge with other team members, and be willing to learn from other team members.

  5. Continuous Learning
    "Every night before you go to sleep, ask yourself, what have I learned today?"

-- Jimmy