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Parallel Computing in Different Programming Languages

There many different ways for parallel computing. This article focus on multithreading computing. Generally speaking, commercial softwares have very good support for parallel computing. For example, Mathematica, MATLAB and Revolution R all have solid support for parallel computing. Mathematica and MATLAB also have good support for GPU computing.


Multithreading ...

How Long Does It Take to Observe a Sequence?

There are many interesting while at the same time very tricky problems in statistics. One famous question is that how many steps (expected) does it take to observe a given sequence (e.g. THTH, TTHH), if we flip a balanced coin?

This problem can be solved using (delay) renewal theory ...

Jupyter Notebook Support in Bitbucket

GitHub has built-in support for Jupyter Notebooks. Bitbucket supports Jupyter Notebooks via a fileview addon. It works on both publick and private notebooks. Follow the steps below to install the addon.

  1. Click your avatar in the lower left corner and select "Integrations".

  2. Find "Bitbucket Notebook Viewer" in the addon listings ...

Use "wget" Behind Proxy

  1. If you don't already know the proxy in use (in your company), read the post Find out Proxy in Use to figure it out.

  2. Put the following lines into your wget configuration file, which is usually ~/.wget.

    use_proxy = on
    http_proxy = http://username:password@proxy_ip:port
    https_proxy = http://username:password ...

Make Your Life Easier with Portable Applications

Using portable applications is a good way to make your digital life easier. They do not eat up your disk quickly nor do they mess up the registry of your Windows OS. You can always copy these applications from one computer to another and use it out of box. Or ...